Who We Are


Our purpose is to provide employment opportunities for young Indigenous Australians through collaboration with Australian commercial furniture and joinery manufacturer, AWM.

AWM Amaroo was co-founded in 2020 by Dan Manson, and Ant Scotts and Ric Lewarne of AWM, a leading Australian manufacturer of commercial furniture and joinery.
As a Supply Nation registered company, AWM Amaroo brings together innovative Australian manufacturing and time-honoured Aboriginal culture. 

Daniel Manson

Amaroo Founder

AWM AMAROO brings together innovative Australian manufacturing and time-honoured Aboriginal culture.

Dan Manson
, our majority Indigenous owner, co-founded our company in 2020 with AWM, a leading manufacturer of commercial furniture and joinery, to embrace the heritage of his descendants, South Australia’s Arabana people, and drive his passion for positive Indigenous outcomes within an Australian company that proactively creates and provides opportunity for all. 

Anthony Scotts

AWM Director

At AWM we live and breathe the Australian workplace. 

Founded in 1993, by Anthony Scotts and Ric Lewarne, AWM has grown from humble origins to become known as one of Australia’s leading corporate furniture and joinery companies. 

We proudly design and manufacture our commercial furniture and joinery in our Alexandria factory in Sydney, NSW, which means we can service the broader Australian market with a speed and flexibility few others can match. 

Kylie Eadie

Sales director

Kylie Eadie is renowned for her strong work ethic, entrepreneurial nature and a hands-on knowledge of the commercial furniture and joinery industry.

Made of a rare metal, Kylie will do whatever it takes to ensure that her projects are delivered on time and within budget. At her core, she is defined by her integrity and the fact that she cares deeply about everything she does.

Cain Slater

Kari Foundation

Experienced Board Director, business owner and executive leader with over ten years of experience leading not-for- profit organisations, elite sporting as well as commercially orientated organisations. Focused upon capitalising on investments, reduction in costs and increasing efficiency.

Strong background in governance and implementation of organisational procedures. Successful motivator, empowering positive workplace culture and future vision.

Furniture with Impact

We pride ourselves on innovation while drawing on Indigenous Australian culture, which values community, sustainability, functionality, harmony, and social interaction.

Our focus is to transform workplaces into beautiful places whilst making a tangible difference in the lives of young Aboriginal people.

Providing positive outcomes

We are on a mission to create 100 jobs in one year.

We will achieve this through our partnership with KARI Foundation to reconnect young Aboriginal people with their culture and help to build a sense of identity, purpose and meaning.

This partnership benefits young Indigenous employees by offering workplace mentoring, industry training, Aboriginal apprenticeship opportunities and cultural immersion experiences, which like AWM Amaroo furniture, are tailored to our clients’ wants, needs and objectives.

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