Our Mission

We are on a mission to create 100 jobs in one year.

We will achieve this through our partnership with KARI Foundation to reconnect young Aboriginal people with their culture and help to build a sense of identity, purpose and meaning.


This partnership benefits young Indigenous employees by offering workplace mentoring, industry training, Aboriginal apprenticeship opportunities and cultural immersion experiences, which like AWM Amaroo furniture, are tailored to our clients’ wants, needs and objectives.

How do we do it?

The premise is simple.

KARI Partnership

Through our partnership with KARI AWM Amaroo will create jobs for young Aboriginal people. The bigger the project, the more jobs we’ll create together.

Giving Back

It’s our way of acknowledging and giving back to Australia’s First People in a real and meaningful way, and it’s also about genuine cultural exchange and providing opportunities for each other.


These are values that successful workplaces embrace and they inspire our manufacturing and business philosophy at every level.

Positive Change

Providing Indigenous Youth with Jobs, and putting them on the right path to lead a great and successful life.

Help us support Indigenous Youth

How to help

Make your next project an AMAROO Project, which will allow us to pursue our goal of providing 100 jobs to the indigenous youth.

Acknowledgement of Country

Our Partners